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"Success is not an accident, magic or a miracle. Its a blend of well thought processess, hardwork, focussed energies & resources with a passion to make it happen"
Succession Hiring

"How to pass the torch and keep your business alive when your key executive tenders his/her resignation"

No businesses want to be mortal. That's why good businesses have a succession hiring strategy in place in order to manage any exigency that may happen to its critical resources. Be it a managerial staff or leadership staff or even key and before the leader leaves. Sudden attrition with key staff puts the organization to take a plunge in its growth plan as well under mines its immediate profitability.

A good succession hiring plan shall:

  • Keep critical resource readily available in a shorter on boarding cycle which is spotted and mentored proactively.
  • Reduces tension and fear for the promoters and business heads. Besides helps to manage the transition effectively and successfully with ease.
  • Key and critical staff attritions can be managed at ease

What we do:

  • We facilitate to provide you comparable resource for the identified succession position by helping you to spot the apt resource
  • We scan the target companies/market and identify the potential succession resource for your evaluation
  • Identified resources are motivated and mentored for career change on agreed timelines
  • The process is engaged at utmost confidentiality to the client, candidate and the consultant
Contact us in full confidence if you need to proactively plan for any succession hiring to your company?